Frits (F.W.) Prinzen

Phone: +31 (0)43 3881080
Room: F3.138



, Coordinator educative activities of the Department of Physiology., Coordinator of the module Thorax of the new MD-clinical investigator (“A-KO”) curriculum (2007 - )., Coordinator of curriculum content in years 1-3, faculty of medicine (2006 - 2009)., Member of the Committee Curriculum Content (“hiaten commissie”), which made an inventory of the content of the medical curriculum and advised adaptations for improvements (2005-2006)., Member of “Curriculum Committee” of FHML for development of the new Curriculum 2001 of medical teaching (2000 - 2003)., Coordinator of Year 1 in developing the new Medical Curriculum 2001 at the Maastricht University (2000 - 2003)., Lectures on (patho)physiology of the heart and abdomen within the bachelor curriculum of the FHML, Maastricht University., Lectures and coaching in pathophysiology of students in internships of Surgery and Internal Medicine, FHML., Lectures, practicals and journal clubs with master students in Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine at the FHML., Coaching master students in Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine in their junior and senior internships., Coaching master students in Medicine during their research internship (WESP), Coach within the module Thorax of the MD-clinical investigator (“A-KO”) curriculum (2007 - )., Tutor at the FHML, Maastricht University (years 1-2), Coordinator and teacher of elective courses on Neurosciences and Exercise Physiology (block 2.6), Courses on (patho)physiology of the heart for PhD Students and for residents in Anesthesiology., Practical and theoretical courses on Physiology at faculty of Medicine and faculty of Health Sciences (Maastricht University) and at faculty of Biomedical Engineering (1992 - 1999)., Teaching Physiology at colleges for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (Heerlen, 1982-1991)., ,  


Main research topic: regional cardiac mechanics and long-term structural and functional adaptations to various conditions, with emphasis on asynchronous electrical activation and cardiac resynchronization. Primarily animal experimental work, but with important links to Biomedical Engineering (computer models of cardiac electrophysiology and mechanics) and Cardiology (patients with pacemakers, bundle branch block, heart failure)., With this background Prof. Prinzen is a world expert on pacing therapies, both for bradycardia and for heart failure (cardiac resynchronization therapy, CRT).,  



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Electro-Mechanica van het Hart
Work for third parties:
Consultant to the Center for Computational Medicine in Cardiology at the Universita della Svizzeria Italiana, Lugano (CH), Advisor to St. Jude Medical, St. Paul (USA), Advisor to St. Jude Medical, St. Paul (USA)