Education Physiology

The department participates and oversees teaching in Physiology for different education programs. Maastricht University has fully adopted Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which enables us to integrate basic physiology with every other medical pre-clinical and clinical discipline in clinically relevant problems or “model” cases. The Medical School also adopted a Z-model of teaching pre-clinical disciplines throughout the entire 6-year medical curriculum (BSc/MSc). As a consequence, in the medical master and graduate-entry program A-KO, real cases presented by the medical students are physiologically analyzed.

As department, we also organize elective Physiology courses at the University College Maastricht, University College Venlo, and Maastricht Science Program and a compulsory course at the Maastricht Academy for Midwives (AV-M).

All members of the staff participate in teaching, two being fully dedicated to teaching.